Anselm's Ontological Argument Essay

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In Anselm’s Ontological Argument, he is trying to prove that God exists. He used two preconditions to prove this argument. The first precondition is the important idea of this argument, he said that because the greatest things not only exist in the mind, but it also exists in the reality. The second precondition is that there is nothing greater than God can be conceived. So the conclusion for this argument is that God exists. In this paper, I am going to critique the Anselm’s ontological arguments for God exists. I believe that his argument is based on concepts that he defined, and he used those concepts which he thought was true to prove that the God exists. In the book Proslogium, Anselm came up with the ontological argument in Chapter 2 and 3. In chapter 2, Anselm claimed that things can only exist in mind or in both mind and reality. Then he said that things that in both mind and reality will always greater than the things in mind alone. He used the painter as an example to convince people. He said that when a paint has been done by the painter, the painter will understand more than the paint only in imagination. And in chapter 2, the words showed that Anselm is a believer for God, he even called people who do not believe in God are fools. Then he claimed that God is the greatest. For Anselm, God is perfection, like he said in the book God, “than which nothing greater can be conceived”. At the end of the Chapter 3, he said that necessary existence is greater than contingent existence. From all those proofs, he got his finally answer that God has to exist. For the first precondition, Anselm first claimed that things can exist in the mind or both in mind and reality. Anselm thought that the greatest thing that can be conceived w... ... middle of paper ... ...s own rule that “nothing greater than God can be conceived” and used this assumption to make everyone believe that God exists. In conclusion, Anselm’s ontological argument is based on the concept analyze instead of the fact or experience. He uses the logical analysis for the concept of God, then he uses the concept of the God which he gives to people as the start point to prove God exists. In this argument, the biggest problem is that Anselm is a believer for God. Before he tries to prove God exists, deep in his mind, he already thought that God is existence. Then he can come up with some concepts that can only accepted by the Christians to prove that God exists. I think that for a Christian like Anselm, the ontological argument still a good example to prove that God exists. However, for people who do not believed in God, this argument is difficult to convince them.
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