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In the year of 1997, a scientist by the name of Dr. Ian Wilmot released to the public that he and his team of scientists had successfully cloned an adult female sheep, Dolly. With this process being successful, the world made a collective grasp at the realization that cloning was no longer the imagination from a Science Fiction movie. Since then, the question on whether humans should be cloned or not has become a worldwide debate. Discussions on human cloning started out by regarding the moral implications of its practice. People who oppose the cloning of humans argue that it is unethical and immoral to clone humans for both humanitarian and religious reasons. Moreover, other opponents describe human cloning as a luxury for human race’s health and as a tool for organ market development. They claim /that human cloning can have many benefits for the human race in terms of helping infertile couples and people with genetic problems. In addition, it can be really helpful for a person with diseases such as kidney and liver defects or cancer.

To start out, it seems logical that a person must be given a brief summary of how process of cloning is performed. The majority of uneducated people would assume that cloning is creating an exact copy of a human in appearance, age, ect. However, this is not entirely the case. Even though there have been many theorized methods for cloning, the process known as nuclear transfer, has been the only one proven successful so far. In a nut shell, nuclear transfer cloning is the process in which the DNA of a female egg cell is extracted and replaced with different DNA from another cell. The DNA that it is replaced with is the DNA of the animal that is to be cloned. In the process of human cloning, the nucl...

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