Another Stressful Evening as Mayor in SimCity 4

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Another Stressful Evening as Mayor in SimCity 4

Somewhere, unpublished in bookform, a famous mayor once said, "Show me a man without a vice and I'll show you an arid mind."

Everyone has their soft spot: if it's not cigarettes, it's alcohol or else mingling with the wrong partners. Mine is composed of seven letters and a magic number: SimCity 4. After six in the evening, I quit the word processor, e-mailer, my browser's online dictionary window and settle back in the swivel chair. It's time to clock in as mayor.

Pursky Muska: A bustling city in the southeastern part of Maxisland, connected to the farm country of Yarbow by railway. Tourist attractions include Big Ben, the Washington Monument, a minor league stadium, a chic country club and two seaports. Population size is 42,499.

The 6:02 News:

Bunnies have long history of aggression, also have deep philosophical side.

The first few minutes are usually the calmest, the perfect occasion to plant oak saplings on the parking lots of industrial buildings and blue spruce pines on residential backyards. This has environmental advisor Camille Meadows doffing her yellow straw hat in my direction. Trees reduce air pollution, and at 3 simoleons each, I call it a bargain.

Thanks to an mp3 program, importing songs in the game is a breeze. Joan Osborne's What If God Was One Of Us plays in the background. My bunny slippers tap in time with the beat. I have successfully moved J. Alfred Prufrock, complete with the fancy hat and pipe I chose myself, from the futureless Sims neighborhood, to the Ryan Apartments. Born somewhere outside Eliot's Waste Land, he was living with his cousin, Nancy Ellicott in a two-story house at 79 Crumplebottom Court. Recent conflicts with stray cats and Nancy's obsessed fan hardened his will to look for brighter horizons to such a point that he was seriously considering the marriage proposal of a certain Antonio Salieri... but that's in another game.

Right now he is happily driving a blue pick-up going to work at Havoc Bioenhancements and seems to have adapted well in his environment. At first, he ranted against the noise and traffic caused by the motor inn across the street. Ever since his brother-in-law came to visit, he realized the advantages of having one nearby. He now maintains that it is indispensable for really obnoxious relative relief.

The 6:06 News:

Words "Have a nice day" produce psychosis in 3% of hearers
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