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612 words

When people think of Canada and then compare it to the United States of America, they always tend to think it is similar. At least I did until I started this project. I always thought that Canada was a clone or mirror of America, but I was wrong. About 99.75% of the Canadian people consider ice as something that they use in a drink or something that is always on the road that needs salt. For the rest of the
Canadians, ice is a major barrier of life. The ice can be used as a helpful thing to. It could be crafted into a refrigerator. It could also be used as a racetrack for snowmobiles. Now how many ice refrigerators do you find in America? I don’t think the climate in America and support something like that.
Eighty percent of Canada is in a subartic zone. While
America sits comfortably in the tropical wet-dry to continental humid climate zone. The main population in
Canada is rested in between the January temps. of -2°F and
14°F. Whereas Americas’ main population is in the 41°F to
32°F range. For Canada, the climate reaches the extremes during winter. About 95% of Canada is 14°F and below.
America’s winter is about 23°F-41°F. The dramatic difference may have affected the difference of population.
The average population in Canada is 26 people per mi. ², compared to 128 people per mi. ² in America. I think that the people are more densely populated in the US because the weather is more tolerable. The weather also affects what is grown and produced in the two countries. Canada g...

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that when people think of canada and then compare itto the united states of america, they always tend to think itis similar.
  • Opines that ice is a major barrier of life in canada. it could be crafted into refrigerators or racetracks for snowmobiles.
  • Compares the climate of canada and america, stating that the dramatic difference in population may have affected the population.
  • Compares the population density in canada and america to the number of people per mi.
  • Explains that canada's climate prevents them from producing as much or having as many as a variety. half of canada’s land is forest and woodlands and the rest is non-argiculterable.
  • Compares the gdp of canada and the us, and explains that the weather and climate provide a perfect environment for livestock production.
  • Explains that the us has a larger range of 10 to 120 inches, while canada produces sheep and cattle. the precipitation range in america contributes to the diversity of products.
  • Explains that canada and america aren't exactly the same. the cold climate provides an unargiculterable land. lacking good weather and good land prohibits canada from having thepopulation that the us has.
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