Anorexia Nervosa

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Anorexia from a boyfriend perspective
Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by less weight than considered healthy for one’s height and age; excessive dieting, excessive exercise or use of other means to avoid weight gain; and the resultant distorted body image. Literally, it means to lose appetite for nervous reasons. It entails an obsession with being thin (Beat 5). Even people who are underweight can suffer from this disorder. It may also lead to death if not discovered and treated in time.
It is stressing and upsetting for anyone to learn that their loved one suffers from the disorder (Shepphird 32). It is even more traumatizing if it involves a partner, in this case, one’s girlfriend. It is even more heartbreaking if any attempt to assist bears no or little fruit. This is because even with the evident effects, most people will still try to hide from their partners. They may also be reluctant or even refuse to go for treatment and medication. It is therefore important for one to be well equipped with the right and sufficient information regarding the disorder in order to know how to deal with it in the right way.
People suffering from anorexia think that they are fat when they are not or that they look bad when it is not the case and so are disgusted with how they look. They are also so afraid of gaining weight that they starve themselves. They constantly concentrate on what they should and should not eat. Mealtimes and eating thus become stressful for them. These people also lie about having eaten or try to hide their eating habits from family and friends.
Anorexia nervosa is usually a threat to one’s life. As such, it is important that it is discovered early enough for treatment and medical care to commence ...

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...ther occurrence of the condition to patients.
Crucial treatment between the two stages is cognitive therapy counseling process. It helps the sufferer to firstly accept that they have the disorder and that it can be treated. Then, they can accept other treatment to follow and enthusiastically take their path to recovery. Cognitive therapy creates a reality for the patient. It enables them to see and understand the negative effects their actions and behavior has on them and on the people around them, especially their loved ones.
As a matter of fact, recovery begins with the acceptance of the disorder by sufferer and acceptance to change. That way they are able to discover and help in finding out the cause of the problem. Treatment take long periods of 5 years hence the name combative disorder. However, it is worth the intensive efforts and the high expense involved.
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