Anorexia Case Study

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Modern society has placed an extraordinary emphasis in the issue of image and weight gaining. Most individuals obsess in their aims to avoid gaining weight, losing same, and trying to keep off any weight that has been lost. Being fat is synonymous with ugly or disease, therefore the constant worries people experiment about food consumption and the way they look. However, restricting the intake of food in order to avoid gaining weight is as dangerous as gaining weight itself. Rather than eating healthy meals at regular intervals, many individuals make use of different techniques which eventually become obsessions and even psychological disorders, all in the name of image and health. In the presented scenario, Meghan may be suffering from two psychological disorders. The first diagnosis will be one of anorexia nervosa. This is an eating disorder characterized but an abnormal low body weight, intense fears of gaining weight, and having a wrong or distorted perception about one’s body image or body weight. The individual who suffers from anorexia places great emphasis and value in the shape of his body, and in methods used to control his weight. Some of the efforts to do this will lead to additional health and psychological disorders that will affect his activities of daily living. In order to achieve their weight goals,…show more content…
Cognitive behavioral therapy and family therapy (mainly directed at adolescents) are the most appropriate forms of therapy for this type of disorder. The first goal of therapy is to achieve a normal and healthy weight in the individual. In order to recover from an eating disorder it is necessary to learn about proper nutrition and restore an appropriate weight. Unlike many other psychological disorders, medication is not generally prescribed to treat anorexia. In some scenarios antidepressants or psychiatric medications can be used to treat other psychological
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