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Do you know what anorexia is and how evil it can be? Anyone can catch this terrible disorder. Anorexia is a monster that can harm you, your mind and body. Thousands of people all over the world suffer this and you can catch it too. I think that it is sad that someone cares about how they look so much that it would cause them to go anorexia to make them feel perfect.

What is anorexia? Well anorexia is a mental illness or eating disorder that makes people stave, so they can feel skinny. People who suffer anorexia are usually terrified to gain weight. Many people confuse anorexia to bulimia. Both are alike in many ways but they have their difference. Bulimia is to throw up and anorexia is to starve. Anorexia is the top 5 most common eating disorder in the United State. This disorder mostly occurs in girls around that age of 13 - 25. Anorexia can last a long time and can be hard to recover. Many people die from anorexia.

Lots of people wonder what cause people to go anorexia. Well no one is sure how anorexia is cause. Some doctors believe that anorexia is cause because of depression. Other reasons are because people will feel fat or want to fit in with their friends. Sports that focus in body size also cause anorexia (dance, model, gymnastic, etc.). Sometime anorexia occurs in the family. Many famous people suffer this. Some celebrities that suffer anorexia are Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Brittney Spears, and Princess Diana. Demi Lovato suffers anorexia because she was worry about her weight when she goes sing in her concert. Lady Gaga was worry how she looks in magazine. And Princess Diana because she was depress when her parent got divorce. If your suffering anorexia and think that you’re the only one in the wo...

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...hould avoid when talking to someone that is suffering anorexia is try not to make them blame themselves, don’t tell them that you’re skinny or how they look, and lastly don’t force them to change. There are many events for this. One of the biggest event is the NEDA walk. Even though you can not prevent anorexia, you can always help someone who is suffering.

Anorexia is a horrible disorder that makes people starve to feel skinny. This eating disorder can cause major health problems. One out of hundred Americans suffers this. But there are many ways to you can help a friend or family members who suffers this. Also there are many ways to avoided it. Anorexia has been around for hundreds of years and no way to stop it. Most people die from it, if hey don’t have treated on time. But always remember that there always a way to help is you know anyone who suffer anorexia
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