Annotated Bibliography on Effective Methods of Communication amongst the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Public and All Those in Between

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Annotated Bibliography: “Effective Methods of Communication amongst the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Public and All Those in Between” D'Arcy, E., & Moynihan, R. (2009). Can the relationship between doctors and drug companies ever be a healthy one?. International Journal Of Risk & Safety In Medicine, 21(4), 185-191. doi:10.3233/JRS-2009-0481 Is it ethical for a doctor to have a strong affiliation with a drug retailer? This question has raised several concerns. The relationship amongst doctors and drug corporations is the focus of extreme analysis. This article illustrates the views of both side, supporters and reformers. Emma D’Arcy, a medical biochemist, insists that the link between doctors and pharmaceutical companies need to exist for the patients to continue a healthy living. She believes the industries need to collaborate with health care professionals in order to produce effective drugs to treat the patients. Meanwhile some individuals believe the relationship between pharmaceutical corporations and doctors are too close. Ray Moynihan, an award winning health journalist, claims that these existing relationships need to have its’ limitations. The doctor and industry will be the only ones to profit a change does not come. The goal of this source is to give the viewpoints of both sides in regards to doctor and drug companies’ relationship. It also expresses the idea of not eliminating the relationship but improving them. Unlike some of the sources listed here, this source actually shed light on the idea of a healthy doctor/ supplier relationship. This is the only source that gives the objective view of people from both sides. I will use this article to awareness of doctor/pharmaceutical relationship by giving solutions to prev... ... middle of paper ... ...ans have to show their concern by protecting the consumers/patients. This survery illustrates that all forms of advertisements effect the people no matter the circumstances of said people. It shows that advertisements are not only great means of sales but also great methods of educating and informing. This article will help elaborate on my idea that advertisements, if used correctly, can benefit both the industry and the public. The industry will generate more sales which the profit could fund better research and development of new products. The public can benefit from the same advertisements by knowing the products side-effects while self-medicating. This article is reliable because it focus on the responsibility of the industry, the retailers, the doctors, and the public. This responsibility raised the idea of supportive communication between all the individuals.
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