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Corporal Punishment Annotated Bibliography Zolotor,A.J.,Theodore,A.D.,Runyan,D.K.,Chang,J.J.,&Laskey,A. L. (2011). Corporal punishment and physical abuse: population- based trends for three-to-11-year-old children in the United States. Child Abuse & Neglect, 20, 57–66. Summarize the Source Thesis: Corporal punishment is considered as an act of violence against children, and it includes any use of physical punishment in response to misbehavior. Corporal punishment has been associated with child abuse, aggression, delinquency, moral internalisation, antisocial behavior, mental health, and perpetration of the spouse and child abuse. This study explored the trends in corporal punishment among the three to eleven year old children due to they are the group age that is most likely to be subjected to corporal punishment Argument: This…show more content…
For example, in 1999 a study in corporal punishment prevalence done by Straus and Stewart found that corporal punishment is more common in the southern US. On the same way, in 2014 Kemme et al. study about the parental corporal punishment experience in childhood and adolescence found that individuals who experience any type of physical punishment by their parents tend to be more punitive that those who come from a household where corporal punishment was not implemented. However, based on class content, physical punishment involving an object is considered as child physical abused, therefore, it should be processed. There are many other ways in which a child can be punished by a misbehavior without having to take the risk of weakening parent-child bond or physically abusing the child. Also, other ways that will not condition the individual to believe that violence is justified, that gives justification to more serious abuse, or to contribute to see punishment as an appropriate means to shape

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