Annotated Bibliography Of Eliot's The Rock, And The Waste Park

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Annotated Bibliography All annotation information comes from Wikipedia unless otherwise noted. Poetry Collected Poems 1909-1962. New York: Harcourt, Brace & World, 1963. Print. This collection contains almost all of Eliot’s essential poems from 1909 to 1962. Some of the main poems would be Four Quartets, The Waste Land, Ariel Poems Choruses From ‘The Rock’ and The Love Song of J. Alfred Pruforck (Amazon). Most of Eliot’s poems happened to be more of a social comment depending on what time it was written. Many of them were religious based or relative to current events. This can be seen if you read chronologically through each poem through the years he wrote them. According to Amazon, this book has received many fantastic reviews stating, “It…show more content…
The collection consists of about seventeen poems involving different stories about cats. Each section is a different cat. Some of the few it includes is “The Naming of Cats,” “The Old Grumble Cat,” and many more. The overall theme was to basically make fun of cats in a more whimsical manner. According to Wikipedia, there have been many references to the collection, along with a few adaptions towards it as well. Due to all the references and adaptions, it seemed to have done quite well. The Love Song of J. Alfred Pruforck. New York: Amerion, 1930. Print. This long poem consists of the narrator musing to an unknown audience, expressing his frustrations in a complex way. This poem, like others of Eliot’s, is hard to interpret and typically has a deep unseen meaning. It is thought to be a narration about a man and his issues. According to some, it is thought that to be a criticism of “Edwardian society” and the narrator’s problem is that he cannot find reasonable idea for himself to live. This poem, along with The Wasteland, is considered to be the beginning of Modernist poetry. Before these poems existed, most all poetry was Romanticism and Augustan poetry.

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