Annotated Bibliography: Miscegenation And Psychological Complexity Of Absacom, Absalom

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Ashlee Daniels Dr. Evans Eng. 533 Oct. 31, 2016 Annotated Bibliography: Miscegenation and Psychological Complexities of Racism Bressler, Charles. Literary Criticism: An Introduction to Theory and Practice. Boston: Pearson, 2011. Print. Carl Jung’s third model of the psyche theorizes over the collective unconscious. Due to human experience, one conducts himself through day to day tasks from what he has learned throughout his lifetime. Applying this theory to Absalom! Absalom!, Thomas Supten attempts and fails to separate himself from blacks. At a young age, Supten was taught to identify blacks as an insignificance. Based off of what he was taught, he did everything in his power to disassociate himself from the mixed blood line–Charles Bon–…show more content…
“Faulkner 's Absalom, Absalom!: The Discovery of Values.” American Literature, vol. 37, no. 3, 1965, pp. 291–306. Web. Thomas Supten symbolizes the fundamental characteristics of the Southern society. Donald M. Kartiganer suggests that Faulkner uses Supten to describe the brutality of the Southern system of slavery. He concurs that Faulkner criticizes the values of the South and judgment of man’s fate because of their blood line and not their deeds. Kartiganer analyzes Absalom! Absalom! to prove the methods and values of the South and how they contribute to the theme of miscegenation. Kent, George E. “The Black Woman in Faulkner 's Works, with the Exclusion of Dilsey: Part I.” Phylon (1960), vol. 35, no. 4, 1974, pp. 430–441. Web. There is an assumption that black women–as described in Absalom! Absalom! – are a complex combination of sexuality and raw nature. George E. Kent concurs that black women serve as a barrier between the sexual desires of the white male and the metaphysical privilege of white females. This is intended to demonstrate why Henry Supten objected to his sister having relations with Charles Bon who has a mixed blooded mistress. Psychological tenants are connected to the relationship of the white male and black women. The black female keeps the white male from obtaining a piece of the “American Dream” which is having a pure White decent blood…show more content…
This was done in order to answer hidden questions and anxieties white southerners had concerning their sustaining or achieving the “American Dream”. Ladd explains that the octoroon was meant to exemplify that not only the individual was more of European decent that African but also the psychological complexities that occur to alienate the individual. The octoroon is emblematic of the political and cultural entitlements of the white male. She suggests that the octoroon is most likely to encounter his/her fate of alienation from the father, abuse from the mother and/or

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