Annotated Bibliography: Discipline Communication In The Nursing Field

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Discipline Communication: Annotated Bibliography
Communication in the Nursing Field The following references give an overview of the way nurses communicate to give the best possible diagnosis and how the communication can often be problematic. The citations included are articles describing the lacking of communication in the nursing field and how to fix the communication barrier in this field. People communicate day in and day out never realizing there are tons of ways to communicate. Webster’s Dictionary defines communication as “the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else.” Working people have special ways to communicate
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It 's the way to interact with patients. Often time nurses communicate in non- verbal ways without even knowing their facial expression is doing all the real communicating. Communication between patients and nurses is very important because the nurses spend the most time with the patient and rely the information they found to the doctor. A nurses’ communication skills are expected to be high. High quality nursing care is developed from the positive nurse- patient relationship that is built by communicating with is a view supported by authors such as Peuplo(1998), Sheppard(1993), Forbinder(1994), Wilkinson(1999), Attree(2001), and Thorsteinsson(2002). Forbinder asked patients to describe what happened as the nurses took care of them. Interpersonal processes were found in the cases that nurses easily accomplish without realizing it. Morse(1992) developed a communication model that on emotional engagement. The nurses communicated unconscious responses such as pity, sympathy, consolation, compassion, commiseration, and reflexive reassurance. Nurses often have unconscious communication, which basically means we have interactions that aren 't planned or have a known outcome. Communication in nursing has a main focus of individualizing the patients and their care.

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