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Annotated Bibliography Buntinas, K. (2012, April 15). Incorporating informational texts to increase students’ reading habits. Statement: The Journal of the Colorado Language Arts Society, 48 (2) This article discusses the increased informational text learning requirements as outlined in the Common Core standards and provides reading strategies to increase student comprehension levels in nonfiction reading. The author notes how reading strategies for informational text comprehension differ from those taught for the fiction genre and finds that the use of informational books within a guided reading program assists primary grade students in becoming more successful readers. She gives specific strategies for teaching informational text comprehension, including question generation, picture cues, text structure analysis, use of background knowledge, and think-alouds. The author analyzed research studies that concluded that students do not prefer fiction over non fiction texts, therefore if students are offered more selection and choice when reading informational texts, and are taught how to comprehend them using proven and specific strategies, they will develop enjoyment for the genre. Yopp, H., & Yopp, R. (2012, April). Young children’s limited and narrow exposure to informational text. The Reading Teacher, 65 (7), 480-490 This study focuses on diversifying the types of non-fiction used in the elementary classroom. The authors conducted research studies that revealed that most informational texts are conveyed to elementary aged students in the form of read-alouds, with 85% of texts used being in the topic of science. The research also showed that it is beneficial to student learning to diversify the types of informationa... ... middle of paper ... ...n-fiction used in the elementary classroom, as well as incorporating informational texts into social studies and science, students will have more opportunities to work with informational texts and therefore be more successful at meeting the increased informational text requirements as included in the Common Core. Student achievement and reading habits will improve by teaching students how to comprehend informational texts, while also fostering further interest in the genre through a diverse selection of choices for students. Through the use of assessment-driven instruction, along with the implementation of effective teaching strategies for improving student comprehension levels of informational text, teachers will be provided with necessary guidance regarding whether it is necessary to modify their instruction to assist students in meeting their learning goals.
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