Annie Character Analysis

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Annie is about an orphan who lives in a home for girls that is controlled by the terrible Mrs. Hannigan. One day Mr. Warbucks secretary Grace came and got Annie to stay with Mr. Warbucks for a week to help his image. Later Mr. Warbucks offered a $50,000 award to the real parents of Annie. While Mr. Warbucks was in search of Annie’s parents he grew to love her. Mrs. Hannigan, Rooster, and his girlfriend created a scheme to be able to claim Annie as their own. When there plot fails, Annie is later adopted by Mr. Warbucks and Grace and she is able to live her life in Luxury and Happiness.

In my opinion, the overall theme of Annie is you can accomplish anything as long as you have a positive attitude. Annie was able to escape Mrs. Hannigan, change Mr. Warbucks, and end up having the best parents any orphan girl could ever want. Annie kept positive no matter how hard the situation got and no matter how negative people were around her. And I feel that’s why she was able to reap such a great life because her positive outlook on the world made her able to change other people’s outlook on the world too. Annie was the sunshine of Mr. Warbucks house and that’s what got her such a special future to look forward too.

To Begin with, in the beginning of the movie Annie is sitting on her window seal singing about how her parents might be when they come back for her. Even though she’s been in the orphanage for ten years she still carries the hope, and faith that her parents will someday come back for her. When a little girl in the orphanage named Molly begins to cry about her nightmare, without hesitation Annie goes to confront her and give her a positive outlook on things as well. Annie encourages Molly to not worry on the bad, but to dream a...

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... killed by Mr. Rooster if it wasn’t for Punjab who saved her before she fell off the bridge. Punjab would of never took so much effort, and almost risk his own life if Annie was a terrible kid to be around. She would also have been returned the first day in Mr. Warbucks house if she wasn’t so polite and immensely grateful to everything she experienced in the last hour. Her attitude let her have everything she deserved. Annie left a mark on almost everyone in the Movies heart just by her warm smile and energizing personality.

In the end, you reap what you sow. if you sow goodness into the land the land will bear fruit, but if you don’t sow into the seed nothing will grow. In other words, your attitude and effort determines your outcome. Stay positive and keep on going no matter what life throws at you and I’m sure no matter what the sun will always come up tommorrow~
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