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“When you're young you don't know anything, but you have lot of energy to express yourself. So you make a lot of mistakes and you stumble, but you also get a lot of truth from within.” Said Gilbert Hernandez. This idea shows when one is young it is necessary for that person to express their emotions to deal with any complications they might encounter. In the play, “Diary of Anne Frank" Anne is a teenager dealing with the challenges of the Holocaust. Due to this her family goes into hiding. Throughout their experience conflicts start to come up between Anne and the other residents. When facing these conflicts she turns to her father, a sixteen year old boy named Peter, and her diary. It is in this play that the author uses Anne Frank’s relationship with her father, Peter, and her diary to demonstrate the theme of expressing feelings can help cope one with societal challenges beyond someone’s control.

One way Anne coped with societal challenges is talking her father to express her feelings. In the play Anne and her dad had a very strong relationship. She would go to him first as someone to share her feelings to for example Anne says “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. You’re the only one I love." By saying this Anne shows that she does not feel comfortable opening up to other member because they do not understand her the same way as her father does. Anne having her father to open up to gives her a feeling that she is not alone and she has someone worth staying hidden for. In the event when Anne had a nightmare; Her mother was the first to come in to calm her down. But Anne would not tell her why she was so scared. She told her mother that she wanted her father. When her father arrives she explain that her nightmare wa...

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...w much she missed her friends showed her real feeling toward being stuck in hiding and this made Anne feel relieved that someone cared about her worries.

Throughout the whole played Anne made a subtle change that made a large difference. In the start of the play Anne stayed to herself she never told anyone how she felt she just kept to herself. When she kept everything to herself the only thing she had to express her feelings was to her diary. But as the play went on she started opening up to people and telling them how she felt. For example she talked to her dad more about how she felt about being in hiding. Then toward the end of the play Anne would talk and be with Peter when she could. She learned how to cope and express her feelings with other people instead of keeping everything to herself to deal with societal challenges.

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