Anne Frank and Hello Silberberg

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This first chapter of her diary contains the diary entries between June 14, 1942 and June 30, 1942. Anne starts her diary with the hope that she can reveal everything and anything to it, since she has never really been able to confide in anyone. In the first chapter Anne says that on June 12th it was her thirteenth birthday and for her birthday she received this diary. Anne then tells how she was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1929 and in 1933 her family moved to Holland because they were Jewish. She then tells us that he family lives somewhat of an anxious life because she still had family living in Germany, but then her grandma came to Holland with them and her two uncles fled to North America. She tells that after 1940 the Nazi’s occupied Holland and made restrictive laws forcing Jews to wear yellow stars to identify themselves. The Germans also made laws that forced the Jews to turn in their bicycles, shop only during certain hours. The Jews were also restricted from riding in streetcars, attending most schools, visiting Christian homes, and going outside at night. In this chapter Anne also starts addressing her diary “Kitty”. Anne also tells her diary that a boy named Hello Silberberg approached her one day and now they are starting to see each other more often. The second chapter of her diary contains the diary entries between July 3, 1942 and July 10, 1942. In this chapter Anne tells her diary that she has been seeing more of Hello. She says that Hello’s parents live in Belgium, but there is no way for him to travel there, so he is living in Amsterdam with his grandparents. In this chapter Hello tells Anne that his grandmother did not approve of his association with such a young girl. He also says that he prefer... ... middle of paper ... ... than people outside the annex. Anne is furious because all the annex residence are constantly yelling at her and telling her she is “exasperating,” and she says that she wishes she had a personality that didn’t aggravate everyone. Anne writes that she climbs into her father’s bed one night after being frightened by the sound of gunfire. The annex residences are frightened when they think they hear burglars in the building. Anne writes after this incident the clock suddenly stops chiming, which upsets Anne. Later when the residents are listening to the radio they hear an announcement that all Jews must be deported from Utrecht and the other provinces of the Netherlands by the beginning of July. In the end of the chapter Anne celebrates he fourteenth birthday. For her birthday her father writes her a poem and Margot translates the poem from German to Dutch.
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