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What is the authors’ purpose of these two literary works? Reading “Anne Frank: A Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank and “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain gives readers a few ideas of similar contrasts to compare these two books, even though, Anne Frank’s book is nonfiction and Mark Twain’s book is fiction. Anne Frank’s book is a biography about her life in hiding away from the world. This was once a diary, which has events of what she had felt, done, and thought that her father found after the war and was later edited and published into this book. Mark Twain’s book was for purely sentimental value and entertainment. “Out of the heart of Mark Twain into the hearts of the world”, this was a quote about Twain’s book by one of the readers.
Frank’s book has no impact or change on history. Anne’s diary, wrote in 1942, was edited and published first by her father. He published it because in one of her diary entries she talks about how after the war, she wanted to write and publish a book of her own. The book, “A Diary of a Young Girl”, was later published to entertain and inform readers about a young girl hiding in an attic. This book was Anne telling her story about how she, a Jew, was hiding from the Nazis. This book has nothing to do with how WWІІ was fought; it went on as if she and million like her never existed. The theme of this book is the loneliness of adolescence. Anne did not have anybody to talk to, so she talked to herself in her diary. She even called her diary by a name, Kitty, it was her friend. There were other people in the annex for her to talk to, but Anne felt as if nobody understood her. She knew her reasoning for the things she did and said, but nobody else in the annex did. “I sometimes wonder if an...

... middle of paper ... that his mischievous actions caused. Anne Frank and Tom Sawyer are very similar. Both children are being misunderstood by others, Anne was venting in her diary and Tom ran away from home to Jackson’s Island, both not knowing the affect of their actions. They did not know it would have a strong impact on people. The characters suffered with loneliness and moral and social problems, but were brave, strong, and caring to themselves and others no matter how they were treated or felt through tough times. All-in-all, these two authors did not know what the outcome of their literary works were going to do, but they both always had indefinite hope for the best like the characters.

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