Anna's Decision to Keep Her Baby

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So she tried all her best to let them be together and edify them how they would be successful at the end and have the entire world at their feet, she normally asked them to stay with her and tell them fairly tales as they sat round an enticing fire, ladies with their feet crossed, and the young boys their knees, quite bent. Herbat would whistle, but hardly would he have gotten a tune about it when he got a firm tap on his head. It was wrong to whistle at night. You could be calling night runners. This aroused their ecstasy and they would love her.

Days passed and it came a memorable day for Alice who had sat for her C.P.E and passed outstandingly. This created grudge and animosity among the siblings in the family.

Anna never pull her punches whenever she talked her mother or anybody. She was a tall beautiful and sensible lady but filled with acrimonious words. She was admired by every man in the village.

“Mum! How dare you serve us with those dirty hands of yours! I can’t eat! Anna retorted.”

“Don’t be silly! These very hands are the ones that nursed you to a very pretty and admirable figure.”

Everyone was disgusted with Anna’s sarcastic comments. Her father who rarely laid his hands on any of his child saw that this situation warrant him to punish Anna severely. He was totally moved around the bend with Anna’s insinuations and he beat her up endlessly until everyone pulled the father away because he seemed to be killing her.

Noel arrived from school; she had completed her O level. Her mother new that she will be going through a hard time when Noel was around but this time Noel promised to be subservient to her parents. Her mother listened to her and hoped that she would keep her promise and turn over...

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...had seen so many girls in her village being abandoned by their boyfriends. She looked pathetic and miserable all the time, her solemn face told everyone that heir was something disturbing about her. She discovered that life was deceitful, all the time she seemed to be contemplating on what she could do. She couldn’t withstand all the indignity she had brought to herself, the pregnancy seemed to be getting to her nerves and she was getting emaciated day by day. Alice’s mother had a premonition that her daughter was undergoing through a psychological torture. She called her and told her not to harden the situation. Alice made up her mind and told her that the boy who impregnated her was called Paul Barasa.

“Paul Barasa, this common man I know!
The son to Titus Barasa? Eh! I must do something, he cannot do that to my daughter!
An eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth”
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