Annabis Hemp Essay

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annabis Hemps Effect on the Environment
It is already well known that the legalization of marijuana could have great economic benefits, like it has in Colorado and elsewhere by allowing the government to tax it (like it now does on liquor and cigarettes), by ending expensive law enforcement, and by freeing millions of innocent and non-violent marijuana offenders in flooded federal and state prisons. Legalizing marijuana, some say, would eliminate many negative environmental impacts associated with underground growing and illegal smuggling. What one might not know is that the legalization of marijuana could also pay environmental benefits. It would likely open the door for the legalization of hemp, a relative of the cannabis plant that can't get you high but could help us sustainably meet a good amount of our crop and fuel needs.
Current Systems of growing pot is dominated by indoor artificial lights and illegally colonizing remote forest lands and destroying otherwise pristine ecosystems by moving pesticides, waste and irrigation tubes. This is nothing short of a toxic menace. Legalizing pot, would clean things up significantly, as the growing would both eliminate the toxins released on public lands and higher standards will be met for the use and disposal of toxic substances. Also, marijuana production would move outside into the open. Growers would no longer need to waste energy and pay so much in energy costs to keep their illegal indoor growing operations lit up by artificial light. The energy consumption of marijuana growers would decrease drastically, as the light the plants need in order to carry out photosynthesis could be provided more naturally by the sun. (would-legalizing-pot-be-good-for-environment)
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...closely related that a field of mixed hemp and marijuana would quickly become a bad batch of unprofitable hemp and low quality marijuana. This is through the process of cross pollination. Exposure to hemp would decrease the quality for marijuana very quickly. (That Old Hippie, Pushes Legal Hemp)
The US should immediately legalize Industrial hemp. This would improve many US industries and give our economy a huge boost. Hemp production can replace petrochemical plastics with natural hemp based plastic It’s far more sustainable than using petroleum for plastic products. Hemp farming would relieve the need for high fertilizer and pesticides for the growth of cotton and other chemically intensive crops. The legalization of hemp would be used to help save our forests and dramatically lower the pollution of our country., and would make the world a healthier environment.

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