Anna Quindlen On Gay Marriage

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Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness- these are the unalienable Rights all Americans receive when we are born. President Obama made an excellent point; gay Americans receiving these unalienable rights? Anna Quindlen also made a good point,” No religion should be forced to marry anyone in violation of its tenants (gay marriage), although ironically it is only religious ceremonies that gay people can marry, performed by a clergy who find the blessing of two who love each other no sin”… The purpose of Quindlens article is to persuade the reader that gay marriage should be acceptable to today’s society and Gay couples should receive the same benefits when they are married as straight married couples. In her article Quindlen establishes her appeals to logos and pathos but needs to establish a more credible ethos.

As a reader we can somewhat trust Quindlen. She is an op-ed columnist for the NY times. She even won the Pulitzer Prize. But she still needs to establish more credibility in order to establish more trust for the reader.

Quindlens Pathos is intertwined with her logo...

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