Ann Mcclintock And Propaganda Techniques In Today's Advertising

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A person is subjected to numerous advertisements throughout their everyday lives via television, applications, radios and the internet. Due to the massive numbers of advertisements seen by the public, advertisement designers pose manipulative tactics known as propaganda techniques. As seen in the article “Propaganda Techniques in Today’s Advertising,” the author Ann McClintock states and lists the seven tactics of propaganda used and seen unknowingly in common advertising. McClintock shares “One study reports that each of us, during an average day, is exposed to over five hundred advertising claims of various types” (McClintock 205). This factor causes advertisements to incorporate propaganda into their selling of products. Two advertisements which are composed for opposite audiences do not only contrast but are similar in the form in which they are portrayed to the audience. When viewing two similar advertisements for watches an immediate difference is seen and this has to do with the gender of the watch’s audience. In the advertisement Longines, found in Vanity Fair magazine, it is appealing to woman due to the style and elegance shown by the watch. Whilst the Breitling advertisement, shown in Men’s Health, is appealing to the men audience for its tough style and adventurous atmosphere. Both products are intended for…show more content…
This advertisement uses one of the seven tactics called testimonial by portraying the talented Kate Winslet wearing the watch gracefully with the quote that states “Elegance is an attitude” (Winslet 47). The elegant watch rests on her left wrist while the arm is levitated to show the beauty that the watch will give any person who decides to buy the watch. By using a renown actress, Longines is able to persuade the viewers into assuming that if a celebrity gives credit to a product then the product must be worth the

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