Animals Should not be Kept in a Box

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As Paul McCartney says, “You can judge a man's true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.” This famous quote applies to Dr. Randy Malamud, an animal ethicist who believes strongly in the idea that zoos are no place for animals. In the interview “Please Don’t Read the Animals: An Interview With Dr. Randy Malamud,” conducted by Professor Anna Schachner, Dr.Malamud clearly explains that wild animals should be kept in their own habitats. Rather than forcing animals into a box with metal bars around them, in order to be used as entertainment. Within reason, I do support Dr. Malamud’s opinion concerning this topic because when analyzed, the only benefit aside from food that humans see in animals is through zoos, circuses, and experiments. Animals can’t defend themselves against mans power. I believe animals’ lives should not be demeaned or played around with like a child plays with a toy. I support organizations and movements that promote animal rights in order to prevent man’s continual mistreatment towards animals, bringing more cultural awareness to the sensitivities needed for mankind to live in better harmony with our fellow creatures, and applaud the on-going work and struggles of animal rights activists across the world, appreciating what they have contributed to society.
I have always been willing to debate with anyone who agrees with the imprisonment of animals. I believe that imprisonment in this case is mistreatment and a form of cruelty; I have adapted a new living style of being a vegan. Not only do I disagree with the concept of zoos, but I also find the process of butchering animals into meals unethical and cruel. Also inserting drugs to make bird feathers fall off, breaking the breaks of young fowl...

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...vation in speaking out loud what is right.
As for everything in life, it includes a long process of changing solid opinions towards the existence of animals. Through the mistreatment of animals, and to our societies’ view it is take more than one voice and one heart to change their understanding of the animal life. For that very reason there has been a development in organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and people like Dr. Malamud in his interview that are making it known to society that there’s a need of balance within the wildlife and civilization. As humans progress to a better lifestyle requiring materials and time, animals just want to live peacefully without any threats in their habitat, without a fear of mankind. When it comes down to it, animals and human aren’t really that different we both see and hear the same.
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