Animalistic Persuasion: Orwell's Animal Farm

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The story Animal Farm is one that creates a web of persuasion between its characters. Animal Farm is a satirical story where a boar on the farm, named major, calls the animals together for a meeting where he addresses the humans as vile and cruel. After the lead pig dies, two younger pigs take over and take over preparations for a rebellion. The pigs create the “seven commands of animalism” where “all animals are equal” (Orwell 33). In order to educate them, Snowball, one of the pigs in charge, tries to teach the animals how to read. Napoleon, the second pig in charge takes puppies away from their parents in order to teach them the ways of animalism. However, when the puppies are grown, they’re malicious and cruel to anyone who disagrees or protests against the animalism rules. In the beginning, the farm has plenty of food and it runs smoothly, but when the pigs fight against each other for leadership, simple farm life becomes hectic. The rules of the farm start to get changed and the animals start to notice, but when Squealer, a third pig on the farm persuades them with different forms of “double speak”, the animals aren’t sure about what they remember and comply with the changed rules (Lutz 25). The two lead pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, fight for dominance over the farm and try to undermine each other at every turn. When this occurs, the pigs develop a prowess over the other animals and start using items and doing things that they began at the beginning of the rebellion. Later on, Snowball proposes that the farm animals build a windmill so that, in the future, they can have power. However, when Napoleon hears Snowball’s plans for power on the farm, he decides to have his now grown puppies chase Snowball off the farm. After Sno...

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...s off the farm, used euphemisms to make what the pigs where doing seem like it wasn’t such a bad thing. Even when he was caught In the act of changing the farm rules, he got away for it because of his superior way of persuasion.

Just like the pigs in animal farm using persuasion, and manipulation, people also use these tricks to manipulate others in real life. Using “double speak” techniques can get you ahead, but at the cost of others (Lutz 27). Requiring power using “double speak” can be a reached practice depending on which form you choose to use. Manipulating others is a harmful practice, and if you get caught doing it; it can hurt you and the others around you.

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