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Is animal testing necessary for today’s society? Animal testing is the process of testing a product on an animal to ensure that it is safe for the general public. What products are tested on animals? Over 90% of products are tested on animals for consumer safety. There are many questions about animal testing such as is animal testing important for new products, How many types of animal testing are there, why are products tested on animals and why do company’s need animal testing. Is animal testing important for testing new products? Many scientist will agree that animal testing is essential for new products. Animals and humans are both mammals, making animals the perfect specimen for testing products since the result will be similar. Scientist would rather test on animals then humans because the would rather risk an animals life than a persons life. “Animals must be used in cases when ethical considerations prevent the use of human subjects” (procon) Many animal rights groups are against animal testing. While there may be alternatives to animal testing, animal testing is the most accurate since it uses the whole body. Animal testing is very important How many types of animal testing are there? There are many types of animal testing. Including Eye Irritancy, Repeated dose toxicity, Skin Corrosivity/Irritation, Dermal Penetration and much more. (The American Anti-Vivisection Society) The most common types of animal test are Toxicity Tests and Irritancy Tests - Draize Test. The toxicity test is used To test the toxicity or irritancy of substances or products in an attempt to measure the short-term poisoning potential (acute toxicity) of a substance. Most times to determine how much of a chemical or substance it takes to kill an... ... middle of paper ... ...mal testing. Alternatives may be used if a test fails the three R's test. Many products that people use are tested on animals before the actual product is released to the consumers. Products that are tested on animals are usually medicines, Cosmetics and household items. Brands like Band-Aid, Clean & Clear, Colgate, Crest, Air Wick and many more test their products on animals. In China it is required to have all cosmetics tested on animals before the product can be sold. (Animals Australia) Animal testing is all around people in today’s society. Animal testing may have mix feeling but is very essential for new products and researchers. Animal testing may sacrifice thousand of animals life’s but saves millions of people each year. Animal testing has many restrictions to prevent unnecessary pain. Animal testing may be harsh but it is a necessary task in life.

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