Animal Testing: Why Animals Should Not Be Wrong?

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Animals should have rights just like humans and should not have to go to through torture. Killing animals is wrong and should be stopped because animals have done nothing wrong. Imagine not having a choice and being used for testing without having a say; for everyone this seems like a horrible nightmare but for animals this nightmare is reality. Animals should not be used for testing. They do not have a voice so they have no way of saying no and testing on animals is wrong in every way possible. It is unfair to the animals because they do not have a choice. Although animal testing is wrong, it is a good way to make sure the product research is safe before retailing it and letting people use it. Animal testing should not be used because animals…show more content…
Most people probably think nothing of eating a hamburger or swatting a mosquito, but experimenting on animals has led to some of the best scientific breakthroughs of our current age. However, animals appear to be very different from us, their bodies work in many of the same ways ours do. Researchers who study animals discover information that can’t be learned from other sources. Biomedical research saves lives. Research using animals improves the lives of millions of people each year by giving doctors clues to prevent, treat, and cure illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and AIDS. New drugs and treatments for diseases are tested on animals to make sure they are safe for people to use. Because of biomedical research we have: heart by-pass and other life-saving surgeries, organ transplantation, vaccines to prevent childhood diseases, many other treatments and cures for…show more content…
However, drugs that pass animal tests are not necessarily safe. Animals are not similar to humans like researchers say they are. Animals may qualify in some similar things but animals are not like humans. That means not all animals get the same diseases humans do and we cannot give medicine to animals if they do not have the same disease that humans do. It is completely wrong and saddening to hear about thousands of cats, dogs, rats, chimpanzees, rabbits, and other animals just locked up in cages about to be experimented. Animals have helped with some major diseases to help humans but this is animal cruelty and needs to be stopped. But some drugs that passed on animals did not pass with pregnant women. Researchers ended up passing a drug that made pregnant women have deformed children they later tested on pregnant animals and it did not work but once the researchers gave a higher dose it worked. This is why animals should not be having to go through this because it harms everybody including the animals. They do have buildings where animals are just born into the experimentation and they end up dying, animals do not get to be a part of families and or have any type of

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