Animal Testing Should Continue

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There are many valid reasons why we should continue testing on animals. The life of a human is ultimately more valuable than that of an animal. Without animal research, there would not be the medication as we know it today. Animal testing has enabled science to progress and find treatments for viruses, produce antibiotics for some of the deadly disease, infections as well as preventatives in a form of developing vaccines to cure diseases. Moreover, the factor of moral obligations entreat the facts that there are excessive structures with laws in place to protect the animal from being abuse and mistreated, as all animal testing proposals must be approved by an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. According to animal testing ProCon, the report discusses the following aspects. Animals make appropriate testing subjects due to their short life cycle which has provided scientist a significant progress in their research and animal themselves can benefits from the research which is directly associated to the ethical aspects to prevent the use of human subject.
Experiments on animals have played a crucial part in the development phase of the modern medical treatments. Researchers continue to rely on animal testing in a response to the emergence of new disease. ( ) At the end of 19th century several deadly diseases immerged such as smallpox, rabies, plague, cholera and typhoid. As a result of vaccinations developed using animal testing. In addition, the experiments saved millions of people worldwide ( The work of Louis Pasteur and others inspired many modern scientist to establish the causes of virus and developed vaccines for numerous of infectious disease. His investigation heavily rel...

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...on, which includes the black footed ferret, the tamarins of Brazil and the California condor. (

In conclusion, animal experiments has proved to be an essential part of our society and it has many manifested changing results with regards to vaccination, antibiotics and modern medications. These are all derived from the animal testing and researched by professionals, following of laws and regulations which are put in place to ensure the security of experimented animals’ wellbeing. Furthermore, in some cases animal can also benefits from these experiments as particular animal diseases have been prevented. This is directly associated to the decent research experiments, as animals are appropriate test subjects compare to the volunteer human subjects due to the use of invasive experiment procedure which is unacceptable to impose on human.
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