Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Animal testing for human safety is inhumane and must be banned. Beloved house pets such as rodents, rabbits and even dogs are being tested on all over the world. These powerless and voiceless animals are intentionally given dreadful diseases to find cures while scientists could be finding alternative ways of testing instead of using our furry friends. Furthermore, the tests are not precise because there have been products found to cause cancer in animals but also cures human ailments. Why are humans authorised to conduct such inhumane things, who gave humans the power of heartlessly torturing feeble animals?

Rodents and rabbits have become the animal of choice for scientists to use for testing because they are the few animals still ethical to test on. These scientists are embedding ailments into the animal like AIDS and cancer where the animal is put through the agony of the disease. These animals are suffering the pain that these diseases are causing so to test whether a specific drug works. The drug may work but may also contain fatal side effects on the test subject (Choose cruelty free n.d). Michael Leavitt, former Health and Human Services Secretary of the US Food and Drug Administration, states that 90% of trails fail, therfore 1 out of 10 trails are a success (BUAV n.d). While this is just one example of the pain these creatures are going through, there are several more such as: spraying the animal with toxins to observe how long it takes them to die and testing the animal for cosmetic research (Choose cruelty free n.d). What's more, after all the torturous testing the animals are then slaughtered. This is why the torturing of animals must stop!

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... hopefully find a cure, after these tests are completed they are killed. Using animals that are not the same genotype as humans give inaccurate test results, like products being useful to humans but to animals and vice-versa. This inhumane torture must stop.

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