Animal Testing Research

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The major purpose of medical research is to promote human health. The methods of medical research focus on advancing scientific understanding and developing potential forms of treatments for the human population. Animal research and experimentation is a method for scientists to use as experiments for their research. Millions of animals like dogs, cats, monkeys, mice, etc., are used in experiments, laboratories, and educational training. Scientists use animals instead of humans because experimenting against humans is viewed as impractical and unethical. The debate of animals being used in commercial products and educational exercises is an emotionally stimulated issue going on in modern society. Many animal rights groups, including PETA, have found that the way that animals are being treated during testing is morally wrong. Emotion may be the determining factor in deciding whether a person believes that animal testing is ethical or unethical. The use of animal testing has been beneficial, discovering many different medications that have saved human lives. However, animal testing is an unethical practice going on in society. In my opinion, the problems of animal testing outweigh the benefits. Morally, animal testing is a cruel and inhumane practice used in countless experiments. Animals have no voice in whether they want to be used for testing or not. They are living creatures that eat, sleep and breathe just like we do. They deserve the same moral value and respect that humans have. The main problem with animal testing is that a great number of animals are tormented, and harmed, as a result of the animal testing. According to, “over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned and abused in U.S. labs every ... ... middle of paper ... major debatable topic going on today due to the moral and ethical objections. Groups like PETA have made it a trend to stop the torture of animals. I also think that today’s society has become addicted to testing against animals to find the answer to all of the problems. It has become a convenience to use animals as the alternative. I believe that we should respect animal’s life like we respect others. The only way we can look at animal rights is to see them as human. Just because they cannot communicate with us humans, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve the same respect as humans. They have the same 5 emotions as humans, and have families of their own, yet the scientists that do animal testing treat them like they are nothing. The alternative methods of animal testing should replace the animal testing experiments the instead of millions of animals suffering.
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