Animal Testing Essay

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In order for the world to successfully progress, changes of improvement are necessary. Although, implementing change is not always easy. There are important considerations that must be considered about the risks of becoming involved with something unknown. In order to reduce human casualties it is recommended to test products and other goods to determine if progress will be successful. Generally speaking, animals are often used for testing because research is required in order to determine how the new change of progresses will affect a whole, living body. Overall, there are four primary reasons why animal testing is used. Despite being a very controversial issue, animal testing has some beneficial perks. Through research and analysis, both sides of the subject will be presented in an effort to provide an understanding why the benefits outweigh the risks associated with animal testing. Countless animals are used for animal testing. It is common for mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and some other animals to be used for animal research. This subject is such a controversial topic because of the condition in which animals stay and the alleged pain that they go through. Animals used for testing are often locked in cold cages and kept in laboratories (‘Animals Used for Experimentation). These animals often go through pain, loneliness and would rather be free. Although, due to laws and regulations animals can be kept and tested with no questions asked. The four main reasons animal testing is used is pretty straightforward. Key reasons include advancing scientific reasoning, adequate model to study disease, to develop and test various forms of treatment and most importantly to protect the safety of people, animals and the envir... ... middle of paper ... ... animal testing has been widely accepted, there are now alternative methods that can be used in effort to reduce animal cruelty that results from tests. Works Cited "Benefits." Pro Test. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Jul 2014. . "Animals used for experimentation." Peta. N.p.. Web. 23 Jul 2014. . "Why animals are used." Animal N.p.. Web. 23 Jul 2014. . "Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing?." N.p., 29 Jan 2014. Web. 23 Jul 2014. . Murnaghan, Ian. "Using Animals for Testing: Pros Versus Cons." . N.p., 02 Sep 2013. Web. 23 Jul 2014. .
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