Animal Testing And Animal Research

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Animal testing has been around a long time, as back as the seventeen century in Harvey. In an article titled “History of Animal Research” by Understanding Animal Research they talk about some events that had happen in the past in the United Kingdom with the use of animal in scientific experiments. According to Understanding Animal Research, “In 1876, parliament passed the Cruelty to Animals Act, the first legislation aimed at regulating animal experiments” (para. 1). This was when they had approved to experiment in animals in the UK; the day they had decided to take the lives of instant animals that have not done animal harm. Ever since Harvey’s had started experimenting over in the UK during the seventeen century, every lab sciences started doing the same as he had done. But when is had started to become a more sitarist action, it was in the late and twenty century. In addition, when they had invented something, they planned to approve and keep moving forward with more people expanding it through the future. Maybe because it was the twenty century and it was just taking off many people in our society did not care because they did not know what was really going on with the animals. Now that it is the twenty-first century, people know more about how animal testing is done, believe it is not right and want to do something in order to change it. Testing the products on animals does not get the same respond on the human then they are applied to the self. In a book called Science, Medicine, and Animals and written by the National Research Council of The National Academies, talks about on how the lives of the animals and the humans; how they mutual benefit in their lasting bonds. The National Research Council of The National Academie... ... middle of paper ... ...s, the alternative, and why they continue testing if it’s unreliable. The Humane Society International mentions “So if we want better quality medical research, safer more effective pharmaceuticals and cures to human diseases, we need to turn the page in the history books and embrace the new chapter—21st century science” (para. 14). In the 21 century they 're many changes happening and this should be one of them. Changing the testing on animals will not only help the animals but will also helps us the humans. Independent scientific had research in the medical progress, finding out the use of animals correlates poorly when using on real humans patients. Also finding out 50 to 99.7% of the study data shows the failed studies of animal testing. With these studies showing one should finally realize animal testing can cause harm to the human and react to sirius damaging.

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