Animal Testing

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People are selfish. There are incredibly few if not absolutely no selfless people. The easiest way for someone to get ahead is at the expense of someone or something else. Animal testing came from this selfishness. It also came from the very biased view that humans are better than other species. Animal testing is cruel and inhumane. If someone did some of the things done in animal testing on a human that person would probably get the death penalty, or at least go to jail for a very long time. By combing the internet and explaining how animal testing is immoral by what people do to the animals, inaccurate because of failure of animal tests to predict accurate results in humans, and has nothing to back it up because animals feel the same way humans do, it will be obvious that live animal testing should be done away with, and become illegal.
Animal testing is cruel and inhumane. Think, if someone was to do toxicity tests on a human then that person would be committing first degree murder and would get the death penalty. More than one-hundred-million mice and rats are killed in U.S. labs every year. Just mice and rats, that’s not counting other animals. Abused from toxicology tests, where the animal is slowly poisoned to death, burn experiments to psychological experiments. Electroshocked, mutilated, have drugs pumped into their bodies, have cancerous tumors put in them, and injected with human cells in genetic manipulation experiments. These examples are just a few of the things done to animals. The purpose for these tests is mostly curiosity with very little scientific purpose. “Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside cold, barren cages in laboratories across the country...

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...te by what effects are predicting as opposed to what effects are actually in effect. And it is weak. It has no grounds on which it can continuo except the fact that people don’t know and turn a blind eye.

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