Animal Research, A Necessity for Human Advancement

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There has been a decline in use of animals research over the past few decades as a result of increased animal rights sentiments. Though the support for reducing or even eliminating the use of animals in the research setting has pure intentions, the reality of the matter is the prevention of further human advancement in understanding their own brain complexity and in the advancement in medicine. The opponents to animal experimentations often misinform the public of research labs as abusive to its animal subjects when in reality research labs follow strict animal usage guidelines, resulting in essential advancements and discoveries for mankind. Animal experimentations have given humans essential results that could have only been obtained through animal experimentation. Much of today's advancement in the medical field could not have been as successful without the use of animals. The Nobel Prize was awarded in 1954 to the scientists that found the vaccine to polio. Animal experimentation, especially with "nonhuman primates," was critically important to "virtually every phase of the development of the polio vaccines" (Society for Neuroscience). Research on these monkeys were able to save thousands of people plagued of the polio virus. Although casualties on the monkeys did occur, their deaths did not go in vain, these monkeys are heroes that help develop the polio vaccine. An experiment of this kind could not have been performed on human subjects because of the high chance of human casualties. Primates also proved to be key in preventing vision problems among humans since primates have highly similar visual systems to humans. After visual function studies on these primates, scientists were able to discover surgical treatments with ... ... middle of paper ... ...e lion had done as immoral (Mukerjee). Evolution has placed humans on top, so it is only "natural for [humans] to use other creatures" for the advancement of the species. Animal experimentation is an evolutionary right obtained by humans; animal testing should not be viewed as unethical because it helps humans advance, and develop ways to survive longer. PETA says that "animals are cut open, burned, and poisoned in experiments that are crude, cruel, and pointless" ("Animals are not ours to...") but this is a grossly exaggerated statement. Yes the animals are tested, but the methods are not done cruelly, they are done all under strict guidelines that ensures minimal pain and discomfort. The tests are also not pointless, in fact, animal experimentations exist because they do have purposes, to help humans understand themselves, brain functions, and medical treatments.

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