Animal Intelligence is under used

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The animal world has long been utilized by humans to assist in enterprises requiring heavy labour. However, humans could benefit from incorporating animals into the lives of people who are ill or handicapped. Many animals have shown the ability to assist in medical diagnosis, make the lives of handicapped people easier, and facilitate healing. Animals have the ability to assist in medical diagnosis. Dogs can sniff out cancer and sense seizures. By the time that someone realises that they have cancer, it might be too late, the tumors might have spread too far and it might be fatal. Dogs have the ability to sniff out the early stages of lung, breast and bowel cancer, from a patient’s breath, skin, urine or faeces. The Telegraph reported the amazing success rate of a specially trained black Labrador retriever who successfully sniffed the early stages of bowel cancer, in thirty-three of thirty-six cases, simply by smelling the patient’s breath. Bowel cancer is Britain’s second biggest killer, claiming over sixteen thousand lives a year. So, introducing a less invasive diagnosis is something worth pursuing. Animals have the ability to help handicapped people perform daily tasks. Monkeys can help quadriplegic humans, and dogs can help the deaf by registering sound. These furry, little mischief-makers can help the lives of many people easier. Capuchin monkeys are one of the many smart and accommodating animals in the world. These animals, which humans evolved from, can help handicapped people to: turn pages, scratch itches, retrieve dropped items, get a drink, insert a straw into a bottle, switch on switches: for remotes, phones and computers, and reposition limbs on a wheelchair. In the 1970s, a Turfs University physiolo... ... middle of paper ... ...e time to observe animals. In the case of Monty Roberts, the horse whisperer, a totally new technique of breaking in horses was developed. He simply imitated what he had witnessed mares doing to young rebellious animals in a herd; a series of eye contacts and body positions. From his work, horses were able to be ridden, by talking to them in their language instead of making them submit. This shows us that animals are able to do extraordinary things if we observe them and know how to communicate with them. The natural association that animals have with humans can easily be exploited to greater heights. Many animals have complimentary attributes which humans can only replicate though expensive and cumbersome technology. With more attention to the skills animals have and the training needed to have work with humans, the world could be a healthier, simpler place

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