Animal Farm, by George Orwell

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The author of my book is George Orwell. The book I am reading is entitled

Animal Farm. My book is a fiction book with talking animals. The animals rebel against

Jones and his farm and how their food was low and they had to work to much to just

make food for Jones and his family. The animals were victorious in gaining control of the

farm. Then the pigs slowly take over the farm and slowly turn it back into just what it had

been when Jones had been there. The story takes place on a farm in the country side. Old

Major is the first pig and the ruler who gives all the other animals hope of a rebellion.

Snowball is the pig who actually put the rebellion into affect and started the whole rules

and laws to start their own farm. Then there’s Napoleon who kicks Snowball out of the

farm and takes over the farm and slowly he turns the farm back into what it had been with

Jones with him and his partner pigs getting lots of food for no work and the workers

getting little food for a lot of work.

The story starts with Old Major calling for a meeting of the animals where he tells

them of the way animals should live and that he only has a few years left to live, but that

the animals must carry out a rebellion one day in the future. So Old Major passes away

and one day when the animals had been starved for a few days straight the animals broke

into the food room and started eating the food. Jones and his men came out to fight them

off, but the animals were to strong for them. The animals drove them out of the farm and

declared what used to be called “The Manor Farm” into what they called “Animal Farm.”

Snowball took over as their new leader and served them good especially when Jones came

back with some men and guns and tried to take back his farm and Snowball took control

and stopped Jones from winning the fight.

Then Snowball gets an idea that they should build a windmill that symbolizes their

farm and could be used for hay storage. Napoleon, another pig who wanted to take rule,

said that was a stupid idea and Napoleon went on to plant fake evidence that Snowball
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