Animal Farm, by George Orwell

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I. Subject

The novel Animal Farm is about farm animals that go on strike. Old Major, the lead pig, calls a meeting about a dream he had. The owner of Manor Farm, Mr. Jones, was drunk and often abuses them.

Old Major died three days after holding the meeting, leaving Napoleon and Snowball to struggle for control of the farm. When the rebellion occurred the animals take books from the house and teach themselves to read and write. It was soon revealed that the pigs were the smartest creatures on the farm. They rename the farm Animal Farm. The humans tried to take back Animal Farm, but they fail. After the battle Napoleon and Snowball continued to struggle for power. During a meeting at which the animals are to vote on a plan for a wind mill, Napoleon calls for his attack dogs and banished Snowball.

Napoleon disbanded the meetings and started spreading propaganda that he is the cleverest animal therefore he should make decisions. He began to make contact with the human world which disturbed the other animals. The pigs began to monopolize more and more resources and claim that they deserved them since they were running the farm. Many years pass and many of the original animals die. While Napoleon is playing cards with a human farmer, the animals spy on them. He discussed the changes recently made on the farm the biggest being the return to the name Manor Farm. He and the farmer began arguing and the animals realized that they cannot distinguish between the humans and the pigs.

II. Theme

The theme of Animal Farm is the dangers of a naïve working class. Throughout the novel Napoleon breaks the seven commandments. The animals just accepted it because he was the leader, instead of questioning him. “If Comrade Napoleo...

... middle of paper ... with significant aspects of political life….continuing tradition” (Harmon 400). It is political because of the commentary on communism.

This is sociological. “A form of a problem novel that concentrates on the nature, function, and effect of the society in which characters live….were sociological”(4 A form of a problem novel that concentrates on the nature, function, and effect of the society in which characters live….were sociological(487). It is sociological because it analyzed the characters social standing and reaction to what their leaders did.

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