Animal Farm book report

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Several important events lead to the outcome of Animal Farm. In the end the pigs within the story have become a complete corrupt government and very human like. The long chain of events begins with Napoleon chasing off Snowball at the meeting that decides if the windmill is to be built. He “uttered a high pitched whimper” to call his police dogs, which drove Snowball straight off the farm. Napoleon then chose to build the windmill after all. This example shows the very beginnings of corruption within the farm. Napoleon eventually brings the other pigs and himself to live into the farmhouse. By doing so the pigs begin sleeping in beds, which is against the fourth commandment, “No animal shall sleep in a bed.” Even though the act is against a commandment Napoleon has Squealer change the commandment to, “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.” Through this act the corruption within the government of “Animal Farm” increases. The following events of beginning trade with humans, drinking alcohol, and wearing clothes are all contribute to the outcome of the pigs becoming increasingly powerful and eventually completely corrupt by the end of Animal Farm.


Napoleon turns from pig to human over the course of the book, Animal Farm. In chapter one the well-respected pig Old Major states that when animals overthrow the humans they should not “adopt his vices. No animal must live in a house, or sleep in a bed, or wear clothes, or drink alcohol… or touch money, or engage in trade.” By the end of Animal Farm Napoleon has committed all these forbidden acts. Napoleon first begins by moving into the farmhouse where he begins spending, “all his time.” With the farmhouse the sleeping in beds comes into play. He then begins trade...

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... dogs to run Snowball out. After Snowball is run out of the farm Napoleon decides to actually build the windmill that he was originally opposed to. This example explicitly shows that Napoleon is power hungry and he has gotten what he wanted, absolute power. After a while “Animal Farm” begins to go down hill

there is food shortages, hard labor, and death. However, because Napoleon is intelligent he uses his and Squealer’s knowledge to undermine the other animals that are not so bright. Napoleon’s complete power only results in the destruction of the society. Only the pigs are well cared for and the other animals work all day and everyday thinking that they are happy even though they are not. The book Animal Farm is a great example that if one person has complete power only destructive things will end up happening because that one person is only thing of themselves.
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