Animal Farm Movie Vs Book

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Book Vs. Movie Animal Farm written by George Orwell and the movie directed by John Stephenson, contains many differences and similarities. These changes however do not drastically change the way the story is being told. Although both version of Animal Farm show changes, both the movie and the book contain the same plot, setting, and the ways that Napoleon changed Old Majors original concept of Animal Farm.The death of Old Major, start of the story, the destruction of the windmill the first time around, the sabotage of Napoleon on Squealers windmill plans, the animals chant, and the attack of the dog on farmer Jones are some of many differences that are present between the book and the movie. The book and the movie follow the same story starting with the …show more content…

This is the same farm in which Napoleon takes over and rules harshly. Old Major believed that all animal would one day rule the farms in which they were mistreated and not follow the ways of the humans. The book and the movie both show how Napoleon doesn't abide by Old Major's ways. Napoleon manages to adjust Majors ways and completely change the seven commandments and completely change the concept of Animalism. The two version of Animal Farm start off completely different but both include the death of Old Major, however the causes of death differ from to book to movie. The book immediately starts off with all the animals making there way to the meeting, while the movie started off by showing the flashback of a dog. Toward the end of the meeting, Old Major is shot by farmer Jones and fall from high off the barn causing his death. This entirely differs from the book in which Old Major dies of natural causes. In the book the humans destroy try windmill twice, with the first time by chopping it down. In the movie, the first and only time the humans destroy the windmill is by directly blowing it up. While Squealer was still working on the blueprints of the windmill, Napoleon sabotages them by

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  • Compares the two versions of animal farm, written by george orwell and the movie directed by john stephenson.
  • Compares how the book and the movie had different anthems, but the director, john stephenson, included them to show understanding.
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