Animal Farm Film And Film Analysis

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Animal Farm was a bestseller novel and written by George Orwell. and now it was an animation film and it was directed by Joy Batchelor. The book was published in December 29th, 1945 in New York city whereas the film was released in 1945. The film genre is drama and the film is 70-minutes long. The film was about or intention to create awareness about communist or capitalist. Animal Farm is an satirical novella and it was about a group of animals who oust the humans from the farm on which they live. They run the farm themselves, only to have it degenerate into a brutal tyranny of its own.and it was a story for communism that occurred in the USSR. Mr Jones who is the farmer was the one who rule the over the farm. The animals didn’t like…show more content…
• Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. • No animal shall wear clothes. • No animal shall sleep in a bed. • No animal shall drink alcohol. • No animal shall kill any other animal. • All animals are equal. After the animals investigate the Mr Jones’s House, the animals agreed that Mr Jones house should be burn it. during this investigation, Napoleon one of the pig in Animal Farm, found or discovered a cub wolves in one of the room in the house. Napoleon grew furious of snowball leadership, which led to snowball that Napoleon ordered the wolves to get rid of snowball from Animal Farm. After that napoleon announced the downfall of Animal Farm. Napoleon discovered Mr Jones’s alcohol storage and by then he became an alcoholic. Napoleon began trading the goods of his friends or animals for alcohol with Mr Whymper, a business man. Some of the animals disagreed how Napoleon’s leadership. because of that actions of Napoleon, Napoleon add some seven commandments to his and the restive the pigs. the commandments isno animal shall…show more content…
The people who living near the town doesn’t like animal farm and want’s to destroyed the farm. The pigs began to be human characteristic The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.and continued to abused their leadership powers. The first problem that occurred in Animal Farm when was Mr. Jones control over the Animal Farm. and all decisions were made by only him and equality did not exist. the second problem was when Napoleon became a leader and feclares that the power to make decisions for the farm will be exercised solely by the pigs.and did not divide the equally among the others and he betrayed them. The final act ended with them get rid of Napoleon and all the animals being free of his rule. The most common issue occurring in indonesia is corruption. In the film Animal Farm, Napoleon sold his friends or the animals for alcohol. he did that for his own good and didn’t think it would effect the other animals. By that it shows that corrupters gained the money from the hard work of the government for their own goods. The conflict that emerged in 1965 in indonesia is PKI the anti-communist purged. it
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