Animal Farm Diary Entries

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Animal Farm Diary Entries Old major I am getting closer and closer to death. These last few years of my life have been haunted by terrible thoughts of REVOLUTION!!!! I need to tell the other animals about these thoughts. I don’t know what they will think. They may object to them greatly or they may see it as a way to be set free, but other animals will have different opinions. The cat is a household pet his life is good. He never has to do any work. He will not be keen. However there are animals like pigs that live for one purpose, to be killed. They will be keen. I will confront the animals soon. Snowball Old major rounded all the animals in the barn today. What he said shocked us all. He obviously had been thinking about it for a long time. He told each what our fate was; usually it was to be slaughtered. Instantly most of the animals realised that they should provoke this revolution or be killed. I am happy to help because it is inevitable Mr. Jones’ cold hands will slaughter me if I don’t help. Its just my mind is flooded with thoughts of what could go wrong. How would we get food? How would we run the farm? Won’t other people just come to claim the farm? So many things could go wrong but if we succeeded it would have a huge effect on not just this farm but on surrounding farms too. We could provoke these farms to follow our example. Soon animals would be seen as equals next to men. There’s even a possibility that we could be seen as superior. I say the revolution should happen and it will happen. Revolution is coming to Manor farm! Napoleon Today something happened, it was inevitable, it had to happen sometime. I knew it. Old Major gathered all the animals in the barn. He began to lay the foundations for a revolution. I admire him very much to have the courage to oppose Mr. Jones. I now am sure Mr. Jones’ rule will be other within the year. The animals want a revolution and they will get one. Revolution, I see it as a time when one person loses something and another gains something. I wish to be the one to gain. I have always been the runt in the litter, now I will become superior to everyone else. I know I can. Mr. Jones will die and I will live and my life will be great. It’s all because of revolution. People will die and I will benefit.
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