Animal Farm

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I. Subject

Animal Farm is about a group of animals that rebel against the farm owner in order to gain control of the farm and to be treated with more respect. It begins by explaining how the animals are wrongly treated by their owner, Mr. Jones. The setting is never made clear throughout the story but it is obvious to be set in the past, because of the dialog used as well as the tools used around the farm. Almost every animal in the story is a main character, although some standout more than others, including; Napoleon, Snowball, Mr. Jones, Old Major, and Boxer. Old Major is the protagonist in this novel because he is the character who instilled the correct morals into each animal.

The animals are selfish and in the end, nothing turns out to be in their favor. Mr. Jones, the owner of the farm is cruel and mistreats his animals and does not take proper care of his farm. One day, the Old Major who is the wisest pig, tells the rest of the animals about a dream he has been having to get rid of their human master and run the farm on their own. After Old Major's death, two new leaders of the farm come into power and run Mr. Jones off of the farm which leaves the animals to fend for themselves and to take care of the farm by using a group effort. For a while, the animals work as hard as they possibly can to keep the farm in pristine condition and keep every animal fed with abundant amounts of food. The animals truly did keep much better care of the farm than Mr. Jones ever had.

Shortly after, Napoleon becomes so selfish because of his power over the other animals on the farm, that he blocks Snowball from all of his power which then turns the other animals against him. Napoleon then uses Boxer, an intelligent horse to persuade t...

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...n two legs. In the beginning of the story they were convinced to never walk on two feet because that was how their enemies walked.


IX. Genre

The main genre of Animal Farm is political. Political is “a novel that deals with significant aspects of political life and in which those aspects are essential ingredients of the work” (Harmon 400). This novel has a political genre because it deals with politics in real life. Mainly the Soviet Revolution.

A sub drama of Animal Farm is allegory. This means “a form of an extended metaphor in which objects, persons, and actions in a narrative are equated with meanings that lie outside the narrative itself. It represents one thing in the disguise of another” (Harmon 12). This novel is an allegory because every character and event that took place in the book represented something that happened in real life.
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