Animal Experimentation

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Animal Experimentation Jeremy Bentham a philosopher and a utilitarian humanitarian once said, “The question is not, “Can they reason?” nor, “Can they talk?” but “Can they suffer?”(the-principles). Why are there so many animals in the world suffering from animal experimentation? Animal experimentation is used in order to test products and to discover new medical research. While animal experimentation is necessary many people believe it is wrong and inhumane. Animal experimentation may be very important but it is questioned whether or not if it is wrong and if there is any way to find substitutions in place of using animals. Animal experimentation can be very useful for testing new products and finding new medical treatment’s to save people’s lives. Many people’s lives depend on the research done on the animals. If scientist did not experiment with animals many more people would lose their life (Derbyshire). Animals are used to test new medical treatments to see if they will be effective on humans. Animal experimentation has been very helpful in the medical field; it has been used to discover antibiotics, vaccines, blood transfusions, insulin, and anesthetics. Animals are a very vital part of medical research; without them is would be very difficult to discover new treatments (Franklin). Animals are also used to test new cosmetic products before they are used on humans. The last way animals are used for is genetic experiments to help scientist figure out how different genes work (“Animal Research”). Humans benefit a lot by using animals for experimentation. Without the animals it would be very difficult to find new medical and to save a lot of people’s lives. Animals are very necessary to save the lives of not only other animal... ... middle of paper ... ...d 3,000 different groups. Certain animal rights groups have acted out with violence against people who believe that animal experimentation is not a bad thing. There are some laws that have been passed to protect animals like the Act of 1986 which makes sure animals suffer as little as possible; and the Cruelty to Animals Act which was passed in 1876 (Franklin). People are making an effort to save as many animals as possible when trying to experiment. Animal experimentation may be very harmful to animals and inhumane but it is the only thing right now that is helping to discover new medical advances. Animal experimentation has been used to save many people’s lives and other animal lives. There are many negatives to animal experimentation such as the cost and the treatment of the animals. People are now taking a stand in trying to save and protect the animals.
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