Animal Experimentation

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Animal experimentation is a controversial topic and may what to stop the use of animal in experiments. Experimenting with animals helps save human life but innocents animal pay the consequences. The "pro" and "con" positions on animal experimentation have proven suitable for stating extreme opinions, but unhelpful at exploring the broader ethical questions of animal based research (Wolff, 2009). Human and animals are very similar, for scientific is easy to use animals to find cures for humans decease. It difficult to scarified innocent animals but those animals help human to continue living. While there are multiple accusations of animal cruelty, few people actually witness the inner workings of a research lab and multiple regulations prevent animal cruelty, but animal research still continues to cause pain (Wolff, 2009). The use of animals in experiment is fundamental for human descendent.

Many Humans are absolutely positive that scientific should experiment with animals to save humans life. Because there are so many similarities between human and animal physiology, experimentation has allowed scientists to discover new treatments for diseases and guarantee the safety of new drugs (Foundation for Biomedical Research, 2009). Experiment with animals is necessary because without the animals scientific are not able to find cure disease. Animal investigation has offered the source for several medical innovations, including vaccines, organ transplants, and pacemakers (Foundation for Biomedical Research, 2009). In this world are many diseases that did not have a cure but there are other diseases that have it and those cures were found with the help of the animals experimentations. “In 2006, infant mortality in the USA—a key indicator of the nation's health—was measured at fewer than seven deaths per 1,000 live births compared to 47 deaths per 1,000 live births in 1940, much of this progress came from knowledge gained through animal research, many diseases that once killed millions of people every year are now either preventable, treatable or have been eradicated altogether, immunizations against polio, diphtheria, mumps, rubella and hepatitis have saved countless lives, and without animal research, these vaccines would not exist (Foundation for Biomedical Research, 2009).”

Also, experiments on animals are necessary in order to safeguard and improve human health and well-being, and vaccines for diseases such as polio and malaria could not have been developed without animal testing, Cohen explains (Cohen, 2005). Animals are crucial for finding cure for those Children and adults that need an opportunity to continue living. “This true story, close to us in time and place, is widely known.

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