Animal Experimentation

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I have always had a great admiration for animals. Being an animal owner of two dogs, I believe that they are a friend of the human and both benefit from each other in the sense of company and joy. They are also great contributors to the balance of the eco system. These are some of the various reasons why I chose this topic. In this research paper I will inform you, the reader of the horrible experiences that innocent animals have to endure due to the fact that supporters believe that animal experimenting is a humane method of bettering our lives. Animal experimentation is a very substantial issue that has been debated for a large period of time. The antagonism of animal experimenting is not a new issue. Numerous people support the usage of animals in research and others strongly disagree. For many years it has been opposed by many animal rights activists who created the 1876 Cruelty Animal act which brought about the welfare of laboratory animals (Monamy, 3). In some cases it has led to aggressive actions in order to stop the abuse. Historically it was firstly opposed by professional physiologists later involved the public (Monamy, 3). Supporters of animal experimenting believe that it is a great contributor to the human advancement. It is clearly an issue that many people are passionate about. In my opinion I believe that using animals for testing is unethical, it should be substituted by alternate methods and consumer products should be stop being tested on animals for our benefit. Animal experimentation is the use of live animals for the purposes of biological, psychological and medicine technology research (Monamy, 6). A method for research is also vivisections. They are the partial or full dissections of animals for the re... ... middle of paper ... ..., it is crucial for our race to advance from cruel animal tests to more ethical research methods. It is very shameful to realize that innocent animals are being subjected to horrible pain at the expense of war armaments and consumer products. With our great technology it is evident that we are capable of advancing our techniques. New approaches should be taken. The contribution of more scientists to projects such as The Human Genome Project is very crucial. Furthermore, the production of tissue and cells in laboratories can also be used to eliminate animal testing of corporations. Now that we have obtained new methods for testing products, law makers should force corporations to implement these techniques. In all, it will be rewarding in the future when we realize how much we have valued the animal species and also advanced our testing protocols.
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