Animal Experimentation

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Animal Experimentation Holly Anderson was a strong supporter for animal rights. When she was a little girl, she saw a cat get run over by a car. As she watched it die slowly, some young boys were poking it with a stick. She screamed, “Why don’t you leave that poor cat alone!” One boy replied, “We wanted to see if maggots will come out of its nose! Hey Jimmy!” the boy yelled at his friend, “Go get your firecrackers!” Holly started crying and ran away. From then on, she viewed all scientists who use animals to experiment on as immature little boys just trying to get a kick out of blood and guts. Not only did she not like what the scientists did to the animals, she was so close-minded about the issue, she hadn’t even considered the other side, and she refused to. Now Holly is thirty-five years old and is happily married with five children and just as many cats. One summer day, she walked upstairs to wake up her children. She walked into the room to see them all very sick in their beds. They were all running a high fever and were having trouble breathing. She took them all to the emergency room where they were tested immediately. After a whole day’s waiting, she was called into a meeting with all the doctors. They told her that her children had contracted a deadly virus that they had never seen before and that they might not live unless the origin of this virus was found. They asked her if she had any animals and how many. She told them she had five cats. The doctors all talked privately and finally made a decision. “I’m sorry, Ms. Anderson, but I think we’re going to need those cats to find the serum for the virus. “What are you going to do with them?” she asked. They then told her they were going to take ... ... middle of paper ... ...nitely question her sanity.ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION Thesis: Animal experimentation is literally saving millions of lives everyday by the progress that is made to treat and cure diseases and develop new surgical and technical methods. If this much-needed process of experimenting were stopped it would devastate the scientific community, the medical field, and the much-needed research on diseases such as AIDS and cancer. Thus, animal experimentation must continue for the sake of mankind. I. Cons A. Animal experimentation is cruel and inhumane. B. Animal experimentation is under-regulated. C. There are alternatives to animal experimentation. II. Pros A. Animal experimentation benefit humans. B. Animal experimentation is entirely ethical and natural. C. Animal experimentation is humane. D. Animal rights activists exaggerate and stop or slow progress.
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