Animal Cruelty in Animal Shelters

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Baseball is America’s pastime and one of the most watched sports in the United States. Baseball is a respected sport and the players are role models for kids and other ages. Every player that’s in the MLB had to go through many obstacles and challenges to reach that level. It takes true skill and talent to reach the MLB and should be reached fairly without any help from a performing enhancing drug (PED) like steroids. In my opinion, every baseball player that is found using or have used performing enhancing drugs should be banned from the league without any warnings or second chances. Baseball fans are obsessed with their teams and favorite players, which makes up what the sport of baseball is all about. Baseball is supposed to give every player an equal chance of showing off their talents and that it be their natural talents without the help of an illegal substance. PED’s ruin sports and makes it unfair for athletes that have “natural” talents to even compete with the abusers. Why ban a substance and only give a warning or give the player a light punishment? Players that abuse illegal substances will keep repeating the offense because they know the league wouldn’t ban them if they only do it a few times. If the league wants baseball to become clean and free for all substances, they will enforce their substance abuse rule to ban any player who used PED’s during their career in the MLB and ban them for life. It’s unfair to let the players who abuse these substances and have an advantage over the players who obey the rules play in the league without any serious consequences. The players that take PED’s will hit more homeruns than the average player and have an advantage in everything else like speed and strength. If the ... ... middle of paper ... ...l substances like PED’s should be banned from all sports and especially for baseball because as a fan its hard to watch the sport and not knowing if the player your watching is playing natural or with enhancing drugs. Every sport should be drug free and enforced more with stricter rules and consequences. Seeing a sport get ruined by drugs is sad and should be fixed immediately. Talent isn’t talent if you’re using a drug to help you get an advantage over other athletes. As a baseball fan I want the rules to be enforced more and for the league to ban any illegal substance user for life from the sport. The damage is already done when they are caught but the player ruins their team and the image of the sport. Using performing enhancing drugs is selfish and it also makes the athlete a coward because they are trying to have an advantage over their competition.
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