Animal Cruelty In The Book 1984

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“Freedom is Slavery” was a party slogan in George Orwell’s Book 1984, a powerful statement to the post World Wars survivors but also has powerful statements in the article Whales R Us. Here the Article describes an opposite point of view from the general consensus of Sea World. For example, when Sea World brainwashes their workers and customers to think and behave in a certain order. Therefore displaying textbook examples of Doublethink and Partyspeak that Orwell feared so much. In the same way, justifying animal cruelty in the name of training. In addition to capturing the animals, taking them from and endless ocean to a glass tank in order to sustain their own greed. Therefor the only answer to help end this wicked company is to have a agency…show more content…
To demonstrate this point, Stayer discussed the show about sharks. And saying that there is a huge misconception in America and sharks do not attack humans. In other words, Sea World says that sharks are friends not fiends, and that the fishermen are the true evildoers. Indeed this very characteristic view of a person who anthropomorphize an animal. Because there is so much objective evidence to support the notion that sharks like any living thing will eat almost anything digestible in order to survive and that includes humans leads any coherent person to realize that Sea World is unserviceable information to make a…show more content…
In fact, it does not mater is it is a human or an animal, but at least a human can defend themselves through actions and have unalienable rights. Yet these animals get put down if they attempt to take action against their trainers. On the other hand, maybe this form of slavery might be beneficial if very specific points were made. First of all the captured creatures would be orphans that otherwise would be left to die. Second, that these creatures actually trained with positive reinforcement in order to promote the honest treatments of these creatures. Nonetheless a captive life is still slavery but if these conditions were met then it would also result in great benefit to the animals. In the same way that the Ingsoc spreads the propaganda “Freedom is Slavery”, because with this notion those orphans would die out on their own. And in slavery this creatures could receive food, treatment and ultimate a better life than in freedom. To clarify, only in this situation would those animals achieve some benefit in exchange for their freedom, because by default any life is better than no

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