Animal Cruelty Essay

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Despite what many people might think, Animal Cruelty is a well-known topic across hundreds of areas all over the world. Animal Cruelty has been around for almost several centuries now and has an important meaning in the lives of many. It would probably be safe to assume that Animal Cruelty will most likely be around for quite a long time into the future as well as an enormous impact on the lives of many people as well. As for the United States of America, Animal Cruelty is a major growing problem. It is well known that nearly thousands of pets are euthanized or abused every year. Not only is it physical abuse, but it is also mental abuse as well. People that commit the crime of animal abuse not only hurt the animal itself, but also may be hurting those around them who really care for and love animals. This essay will be based off the following questions, what is animal cruelty, what types of animal cruelty are there, what is one form of animal cruelty and what kind of study it is, what are some common facts and statistics of animal abuse around the United States, are there any social and or cultural factors of Animal Cruelty, what are a few ways that one can help to prevent animal cruelty, and what is a recent story regarding animal abuse that occurred throughout the nation. Lots and lots of these types of questions came to mind, but does anyone even take the time to think about finding the answers to the horrifying question? There is too much abuse going on in this world. Animal abuse begins with the abuse of animals, it’s noticed when it happens and it is already taken care of by the law enforcement. The abuse of animals is definitely wrong and should be taken care of when needed. Animal cruelty can be defined in many differ... ... middle of paper ... ...e anybody beating or tethering their or someone else’s animal for no particular reason, do the right thing and report them to the authorities. It is commonly said that charity begins at home. If you have kids and pets under the same roof, teach them to love and give respect to these wonderful creatures that share the earth and to never hit or abuse or even punish a pet. Of course, in order to do that one should start by setting the example so that the future will observe everything and learn the right things so they can continue the lessons of treating pets, as they would want to be treated. Not only should parent’s teachers these, but also school teachers, tutors or business should all speak about respecting the wildlife animals as well as discuss a few animal cruelty facts so that the future is aware of one of the most horrible crimes ever done on planet earth.

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