Animal Cruelty And Its Effects On Society

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Animal cruelty is something that is overlooked in society, partly due to lack of knowledge, and partly due to human arrogance. People do not let themselves believe the fact that animals are being tortured for their own benefit. Taking advantage of nature, humans are enforcing their strength to further their own species at the expense of other species. As it is now, animal experimentation causes adverse effects, which outweigh the potential benefits which come of it. A change in the focus of the experimentation could solve the problem of unnecessary torture while still capturing the advantages. The discomfort that surrounds this topic is a main reason a consensus cannot be reached. People do not want to imagine the animals they see running around their neighborhood turned into test subjects. As test subjects, animals are said to “partake in self-mutilation… pick at their skin until they start to bleed” (Masci). This type of behavior is seen in monkeys that are being tested on, who are driven insane by the drugs they are being forced to take. This is an unimaginable horror that no one wants to see. There are potential benefits that come from this testing such as cures for disease and safer cosmetics, but those benefits come at a cost, which is the suffering of innocent animals. “Scientists and animal researchers concede that some animals suffer physical or mental pain in the course of this research” (Leepson). Although benefits such as medical breakthroughs can happen, that fact alone does not condone the torture of animals for new cosmetic products. Many people question the need for animal testing as a whole, but that would in turn stop us from reaching a potential medical breakthrough. The number of animals being tested on ... ... middle of paper ... ... Society). These are just two examples proving that experimenters do not always put in the effort to ensure that the animals do not sustain further torture, beyond the effects of the experiments. These type of actions can not be accepted by any person with ethical integrity. A change needs to happen whether that be in the amount of animals used or the type of testing carried out. Knowing that these animal testing institutes are often ignoring safety precautions causing unnecessary anguish and pain is unacceptable. There is not an overwhelming advantage that society has from this activity, which makes it unnecessary and wasteful. Alternative options can be used to find the breakthrough discoveries that will save million of human lives, and scientists are beginning to speak out and educate others that these alternatives do exist and may in fact be more successful.

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