Animal Cruelty And Its Effect On Society

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Fashion has become a big status in the world. It has the power to be prominent in society. There are also a lot of negative effects and issues in the fashion industry; such as gender equality, marketing, trend impacts on society, environmental degradation, wages, child labour and much more.11 Although clothing and garments may look harmless and risk free, it can be very deceiving. There is more to what we see behind it all. The one main issue I would like to deliberate is animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is a problem that is rapidly rising in today’s society globally.12 It’s true that fur coats are fashionable. It can turn your outfit into looking classy, glamorous, chic and wealthy. It also provides warmth and coziness during the cold season as animal fur is thick; it can provide optical protection.4 Fur, however, is not as valuable as we assumed. Fur may last a long time as it is durable. The main issue with fur coats is that most of them causes the death of animals.2 While fashion is commonly positive, an expression of art and a way to express yourself, there are a lot behind the making of a clothing, that including fur coats. The meaning of cruelty is perpetrating brutality, ruthlessness and agony. Millions of animals are killed every year for clothing. These can range from foxes, rabbits, snakes, sheep’s and even chinchillas. Such animals are being mistreated and neglected. The research findings of how many animals are being killed is immense and appalling. Around 75 million animals are killed and the world’s largest supplier of animal skins is China.1 Within the past few years, 95% of seals in Canada have been viciously slaughtered and skinned alive, most being pups.1 Contrariwise, it’s no lie everybody wants to own at le... ... middle of paper ... ...thing’s, that may also harm the earth, the health and the well-being of individuals.5 Leading this fashion revolution, human or non-human, this kind of issue should be addressed and taken seriously. Although there are some companies and organisations who have taken action towards spreading awareness and have started campaigns against animal cruelty, 3 the word needs to be shared and should be aware to many globally. Millions have sacrificed their lives due to the injustices that mainstream and big, fast fashion companies have caused. Whether it comes from the Canadian seal hunt, which is the largest slaughter of marine mammals in the world, 1 or a fur farm in China, an immense number of anguish goes into most clothing and accessories in the fashion industry, from fur coats to leather bags. No one, not even animals deserves to risk their life for the sake of fashion.

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