Animal Adoption, The Price of Love

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The unconditional love of an animal is one of the best feelings, second only to a child. An animal will bring years of happiness, laughs, kiss, hugs, and love. When it comes time to add a furry 4-legged pet to a family, adopting from a local animal shelter is a better option instead of buying from a private breeder. An animal adopted from a local animal shelter gets a second chance of life instead of dying like the three million euthanized animals. Adoptions gives an animal a second chance at life, find a forever home and helps with the control of animal overpopulation.
Over 3.7 million animals are euthanized on a yearly basis, which is the main reason why adopting an animal is more humane than buying from a breeder. According to several sources, animals who are either surrendered by owners or found wandering the streets, even though there is not a set amount of time most animals are euthanized after 5 days or so, depending on the condition of the animal. Animals that are sickly, old, or aggressive have a greater probability of euthanization. On the other hand, according to, “pet’s physical needs, personality, temperament, medical history, housebroken status, and tolerance of other animals and children, can assist us in placing the pet in the most suitable home for its physical and behavioral needs, (2014).” In Los Angeles County alone in 2013-2014, there were 14,582 cats, 9,861 dogs, and 2,993 other animals euthanized, in comparison only 2,837 cars, 8,859 dogs and 768 other animals adopted into new homes. The saddest part is $2.2 billion spent on live animal purchases in the last year.
Animals that are lucky to enjoy adoption from a local shelter come with a guarantee that they are healthy, they have...

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...s that the animal is healthy, that there is not inbreeding and that the animal has been cared for lovingly, and properly.
When considering adding an animal to the family, please consider the benefits of giving a shelter animal a forever home. There is no reason that an animal ought to die based solely on the fact that they have been at the local animal shelter for too long. The dog and cat that you bring home will bring years of joy, happiness, and unconditional love.

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